The Dwarkadhish Maritime Private Limited in Offshore Hospitality Management program is specifically designed for candidates wishing to enter the international Onshore & Offshore hospitality Industry and who are aspiring to make a bright career in this industry which will take them to various onshore/offshore locations in different parts of the world amidst a challenging background.

Our program offers students an academic education together with vocational core competency training. This carries considerable value and prestige with employers worldwide. It can also benefit people looking to obtain the necessary specialized knowledge when thinking about opening their own business in the food and hospitality industry.

Students learn about hygiene, food service, types of menus and production alongside a variety of academic disciplines in to Offshore Hospitality Industry.. Throughout the program, discipline, punctuality, ethics and self-confidence are encouraged and worked upon thus ensuring a successful career.

Our Vision:

We have set the benchmark for incorporating best practices in its Training Programs and Diploma courses to all of its successful aspirants related to the Offshore and Onshore Hospitality Industry.

We will set up and monitor similar franchisees all over Indian coasts and abroad, in time, partnering with like-minded investors who have the same passion, enthusiasm and long-term vision as we do.

Our Mission:

We impart world-class training modules and courses to all aspirants wishing to join the Offshore and Onshore Hospitality Industry as an exciting career, by combining innovative interdisciplinary skills by demonstrating practical 1st hand experiential learning.

Make each successful, qualified & certified graduates confident and competent enough to thrive anywhere in the ever demanding and ever challenging offshore/onshore world of Rigs, Platforms, Mobile Installations, Barges, Vessels, Tankers, Crew Boats, Hotel Industry, Aviation industry, Others thus making that a better and a safer environment by displaying best practices in safety, hygiene, and self-discipline.

Also, provide each of our successfully qualified and certified candidates with job placements among our hospitality contracts on offshore rigs and other industries.