Dwarkadhish Maritime seafarers: anchoring services with excellence!

Dwarkadhish Maritime seafarers: anchoring services with excellence!

As India is becoming an advanced seafaring nation, it becomes pertinent to comply with the standards required to sail with such pride. India has a strong foothold and a brilliant history in maritime affairs, whether it be trade or source of the marine workforce.

Cruising in the same direction Westline Shipping has showcased its distinction as a leading port agency. With an able in-house team equipped and experienced to cater to almost every requirement in port-related services. Westline Shipping is more than just a shipping agency. It is a vision!

It is a combination of modern information technology and traditional marine culture. The primary goal of the company is to cultivate a strong pact of employment opportunities and well-established cooperation with the ship owners, merchants, and other parties involved in the sector.

Westliners deliver their services with proficiency and here is what they have to offer to the vastness of the marine culture:-

  • Maritime Training:

Training at Westline Shipping is an assurance for those adventurous and responsible individuals who are looking forward to a long term career at sea. We don’t just focus on developing professionalism in the crew, and we also develop their personality.

They are provided with the best infrastructure and supportive trainers. They have access to advanced facilities and necessary equipment, to gear up with knowledge and progress towards competency. Westline Shipping offers a stream of courses, starting from technical to management. There are value-added courses as well as focusing on the safety of the vessels.  

We offer courses designed to cater to the fast-evolving maritime industry. Along with that, there are ongoing training processes to make sure the crew is developing skill sets to align with the latest international standards.

  • Shipping Agency:

As a shipping agency, we offer a range of marine and logistics services to our clients, at all Indian ports. At Westline, we discharge our duties with expertise and commitment, from pre-arrival to post-departure. All our attempts are to provide end to end services to our clients.

We focus on smart shipping and keep ourselves technologically upgraded as a shipping management company. Digital solutions are crucial in modern-day seafaring, and hence we make sure our clients have every option to avail them. We also pay close attention to communication. In the maritime industry, accurate and speedy contact plays a pivotal role in handling the overall functioning of the vessels.

We also keep track of the overseas market to accommodate our clients at the correct time for transit. Our every attempt is to provide our clients with extensive coverage for their trade. We try to understand the requirements of the clients and act accordingly. At most, we tailor our services to fit the needs of our clients and the trade they are indulged in.

  • Crew Management:

The success factor of any voyage is the workforce – the crew in charge. Human resources are of paramount importance in any industry, and in maritime it requires extra effort and scrutinization to assemble a competent team. Westline Shipping has crew management as one of its crucial divisions.

We have an all-inclusive crew management structure starting from selection, training, managing, and recruiting. We are responsible for supplying a competent team for your vessels and retaining the best team for our clients. We assist in the recruitment of skilled seafarers and co-ordinating all the crewing needs.

We are capable of supplying crew for any type of vessel. There is a demand for a well-trained crew on board, portraying dependability, and dedication to serving in any given situation. The crew we supply for our clients are always at the forefront, and their excellence is the key point for the vessel’s safe and smooth day to day operations. Our crew management principle is prostrated upon the highly efficient utilization of the crew.

As one can suffice, we are focused entirely on clients and aligning with the ship owner’s requirement to produce tailor-made services for them, to invariably embark on a journey towards achieving true customer loyalty and satisfaction by giving them the smooth functioning crew.

With all our endeavors, we are navigating towards creating a global reputation not only for the company but for the country’s maritime service culture.

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